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  1. Help with my transmission

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Okay so like 2 weeks ago I put new engine mounts And changed the transmission oil on my 94 gt then I don’t know what I did wrong because that somehow affected my 5th and reversed gear but not 1,2,3,4 those are smooth but 5th is like blocked from some reason and I have to fight to put it in...
  2. Looking for Mechanic,

    Hello fellow forum members, I'm new to the site, picked up my 3rd 3000GT yesterday. I've owned two during my tour with the Marines, but I had to sell them once my enlistment ended. I'm in Jacksonville Florida and I'm looking for a person who is skilled in working on these cars. I mainly worked...
  3. Orange county CA mechanic

    Engine - Turbo
    Anybody know of any legit mechanics that really know the 91 stealth/3000 gt vr4 tt in the Orange County California area? I'm struggling to find a good mechanic with these type of engines
  4. Looking for trusted shop to do120k Service

    Chicago 3S
    Hey everyone. I bought my twin turbo Stealth at the end of September with 108,000 miles on it. Previous owner said he didn't really do anything except oil changes. Considering he owned it for the last 19 years and only put about 18,000 miles on it that didn't sound too bad. Anyway it's now...
  5. Need a 1993 Stealth Mechanic in Fairfax County VA, or the DC area

    My beautiful 1993 Black Dodge Stealth R/T has engine timing so bad that it is now immobile. I have been to several garages who have all given up (or charged me for things that didn't fix the problem for even one mile) because they lack the diagnostic tools to fix it (pre OBD2). The ECM has been...