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  1. Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    Like most sane people I hate how high our cars sit from the factory. From what I have read, there are a few suspensions parts I would need to replace along with the stock coilovers. Is that all really necessary? This isn't a track car or anything, just a daily that I want to sit 3 inches lower.
  2. General
    Hi, I’m a new owner of a 1993 3000gt SL, and I want to lower my car a little bit. I’ve seen lowering springs on, and I want to know if anybody else has gone with lowering springs instead of full coil overs, and if they have worked good for them?
  3. General
    I've had my car for a while and i've kept it mainly stock, but recently i've been adding more and more to it. My most recent purchase was a new set of wheels and unfortunately, while the wheels look awesome, the ride height of the vehicle is unappealing. I was considering coilovers for the car...
1-3 of 3 Results