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  1. General
    Hi! Im looking to upgrade my calipers on my 1992 3000gt sl cause one of my current ones are leaking :( I've seen people buying evo X brakes for around 900$ and fitting those, but im kind of on a budget, do you guys have a idea of other options for 500$ or lower?
  2. Engine - Non-Turbo
    I've been trying to figure out this noise for a while now, with no success so far. I've uploaded a YouTube video of the issue in question; I have a noise that sounds like a vacuum leak from somewhere. Video link: Stealth Noise The noise occurs at idle and at light throttle at lower RPMs in...
  3. General
    So I've got a massive power steering and coolant leak and both fluids are pulling on top of the transmission now I'm pretty sure the coolant leak is the O rings in coolant crossover pipe as there is nothing else in that area, but may I be missing something, and I'm 99% sure it's not intake...
  4. General
    I have a large coolant leak under my intake it showed up the day I replaced my upper rad hose because that was leaking, but this is a pretty large leak so does anyone know what it could be from
  5. General
    I'm leaking transfluid from the passenger side and it's running down some plastic that separates the engine bay and wheel well I have a 97 sohc auto
  6. General
    Hi, I recently had my power steering rack and pinion replaced by Firestone Auto. (refurbished) They put in synthetic power steering fluid and I only noticed after it had been leaking in my garage for a while. I have since flushed and replaced it with an ATF Dexron III compatible fluid. The leak...
  7. General
    Hi, I recently had my power steering rack and pinion replaced and I believe the shop used synthetic fluid which leaked a bunch. I did research and purchased the fluid (in image). Now I am wondering if it might be the wrong type of Dexron compatible. The leak is gone for now I believe, but...
1-7 of 7 Results