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jester chrome ecu

  1. Chrome ECU: Fuel Trim CEL's with stock 93' vr4 & questions about Evoscan setup

    ECU Tuning
    About 9 months ago, I swapped out the stock ECU of my 1993 vr4 with a chrome one. I set up everything via the guides posted on chromedecu, and was able to have the car properly running without issue until earlier this year, when I encountered a CEL. That being said, I'm a bit confused as to...
  2. Jester Chrome ECU

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy a Jester Chrome ECU, if you know someone that is willing to sell one, or can hook a 3k brother up let me know. Best way to get a hold of me is on Instagram @_ramon_vr4. But I do check this forum. Thank you much appreciated.