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  1. Parts for Sale
    Rear seats-uppers (tan) - $25 -- comes with seat belt clips Rear hatch cover (black) - $20 Rear hatch carpet (black) - $15 Spare tire kit w/ trays - $25 Willing to ship at buyer's expense Located in Indianapolis Call / text with questions: 317-514-nine eight seven nine
  2. Parts for Sale
    Edit- A. Found the cigarette lighter. B. Going to add a few things - NOS ashtray. Plus used door sills, nice cargo/hatch cover, console carpets and carpet trim where it meets the lower front corner of the door. PICK UP ONLY in/near Athens, OH If you are looking to restore a 96- 99 3S, or...
  3. Audio/Video Systems
    I recently installed a new aftermarket radio (the Sony XAV-AX1000) and I noticed that it doesn't sit flush with the trim pieces. Obviously, the trim piece I am using is not OEM but is the exact dimensions as OEM, and theoretically, it should all fit, however, it appears the radio sits too far...
  4. Parts Wanted
    '92 VR-4 came missing a few trim pieces. Looking to buy: INTERIOR - Driver's Side A-Pillar EXTERIOR Front windshield upper trim Rear windshield upper and lower trim
  5. General
    When I bought the car the glovebox was already stuck. After fixing up some parts of the car This is the next project I need to take on. I can’t find anything online like a latch for the glovebox if I need to cut it and I need to find the lock assembly aswell in case something is broken and I...
  6. Interior
    I have a 1991 3000gt with a new seat that came with the car and I noticed the headrest doesn’t stay up. When I took off the headrest, I see that the sleeve is broken. Does anyone know where I can buy replacements of this part or how I can fix this myself? Thank you.
  7. Parts Wanted
    Looking for interior parts for my 91 vr4. Recently purchased it and almost all of the interior pieces have Frye or damage of some sort. Wanted to jump over to true black. I know I can not get the 1g dash in true black, but that is fine. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  8. Parts for Sale
    Backseats- $150 Won’t pay for shipping Everything is in excellent condition Willing to bargain
  9. Interior
    My handbrake button is so degraded that there is nothing to grip to unscrew it, and if I put too much pressure on it (like with pliers) the plastic just chips off. Any advice on how I could unscrew the button to get a new one put in?
  10. Interior 2

    Picture of my interior with the Cobra racing seat, Italvolanti Steering wheel and kill switch.
  11. Interior1

    Picture of my interior with the Cobra racing seat, Italvolanti Steering wheel and kill switch.
1-13 of 13 Results