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  1. Attempted theft ignition completely distroyed.

    Hello, I recently purchased a beautiful 1991 Twin Turbo Stealth with only 48,xxx miles on it. Sadly in an attempted theft the entire ignition cylinder and locking mechanism was tore out. Fortunately (I think) the wiring harness with the 5 or 6 wires soldered to a little round black insert the...
  2. No spark

    New Owner Questions
    Just replaced distributor all the spark plugs and wires on my 97 base. Car started up idles fine, then I put the car in reverse and stalled pretty sure the stall was my fault. Tries to start the car back up and it’s getting no spark now. Has a new fuel pump and I can see fuel on the spark plugs...
  3. ignition problems

    Okay so i have a weird one. my 95 base stealth will not shut off. the ignition lock is kind of messed up(like the front plate where the key slot is, is missing). When i start the car and then go to shut it off it won’t shut off, the car stays running but it almost acts like it is shutting off...