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  1. Engine - Turbo
    I’m having my my engine rebuilt and transmission put back so I figured now I’d do some upgrades, my goal is hopefully at least 450 chp. Here is my list of upgrades to do so far let me know if you have recommendations. 15G Turbos 340LPH fuel pump SAFC2 650cc dsm injectors MAFT 2.02 Nxs manual...
  2. Engine - Turbo
    I’m looking for a 96-99 vr4 to buy currently I used to have an sl but wanted an actual vr4. Anyway what is the stock hp and boost that the bottom end can handle?
  3. General
    I bought a 98 3k base for practically nothing. The sound system and rims cost more than the car. It has a 3.0 sohc 4 speed auto fwd I'm curious to see what all I could do to beef it up . Basically I tired of going to car shows to see stock 2019 cars that probably came straight from the...
1-3 of 3 Results