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  1. 1994 VR4 Overheating Issue

    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum but not new to the car. I’ve had my Blue 94 for a while now, since 2010. It ran into a few problems when I was in college and didn’t have the money to fix it. But now I’ve come around into some extra cash and started to resurrect this thing. here’s a little...
  2. ignition problems

    Okay so i have a weird one. my 95 base stealth will not shut off. the ignition lock is kind of messed up(like the front plate where the key slot is, is missing). When i start the car and then go to shut it off it won’t shut off, the car stays running but it almost acts like it is shutting off...
  3. Please Help: 3SX Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit

    Engine - Turbo
    Hey guys and gals, 1993 VR-4 here. I had my fuel pump started sounding like it was pumping gravel then quit. I bought the Walbro 255 pump and hardwire kit from 3SX because I read the 255 would do ok with stock fuel system(and it was only like $25 more than a Denso off of Rock Auto). I am...
  4. Debating on Purchase

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the 3000GT community and I've recently fallen in love with the look of this car. I found one for sale thats pretty local. It is a 1998 3000GT Base with 119k miles on it. Overall the car looks suer clean besides a small rip in the driver seat which im not too worried...
  5. What should i do to beef up 98 base 3k. Dont say sell

    I bought a 98 3k base for practically nothing. The sound system and rims cost more than the car. It has a 3.0 sohc 4 speed auto fwd I'm curious to see what all I could do to beef it up . Basically I tired of going to car shows to see stock 2019 cars that probably came straight from the...