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  1. Body & Paint
    Hey everyone, recently I’ve been thinking about repainting my 95 SL and I had to stop planning when I found out I had the lexan headlights. I know the 94s have glass covers and a color insert, and the 95s onward have the color on the inside of the lexan. Is there an insert inside the 95...
  2. Body & Paint
    So I have a second gen and the headlights are far from being able to be saved (they are the plastic ones) well I got a good deal on glass ones, are the glass ones painted and have the plastic cover on the inside or just the cover on the inside because im wanting to do robomod but if they are...
  3. Vinyl Headlight Wrap Mod

    Vinyl & Tinted Film wrap on 2nd gen headlight assembly.
1-4 of 4 Results