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  1. Engine - Non-Turbo
    I just had a new clutch and flywheel installed and after driving for a while i noticed it slipped out of 5th gear. I told them there is a bolt on the end of 5th that is known to come loose. Well they got back to me and said I needed a 7k transmission rebuild as there was shavings in the fluid...
  2. Front Wheel Drive - Drivetrain
    I have a few uncertainties about my ATX to MTX swap. 91 N/A FWD -> FWD I am confused about whether or not I need new axles for my new tranny. I have read different things in different places. I’ve also read that you need a new intermediate shaft. I’m uncertain about what this is, and do I need...
  3. General
    Hey guys, bought the wrong rotor and brake kit for my stealth even thought the listing said it would fit all models… seller even confirmed it. i know the front rotors will not fit on the Es model because it’s slitly thicker and the brake pads are different but i noticed that the rear brake pads...
  4. Engine - Non-Turbo
    Keep it simple and sweet. I am dying to have my 3KGT turbocharged. It’s a 1995 FWD 3000GT with 100k. Car is pretty clean, it’s taken care of. I want to single turbo it, but don’t know how to execute. I know little to nothing about engines, but I do love the concepts, I understand the basics (so...
  5. Front Wheel Drive - Drivetrain
    cant find any of them online so i hve to go to the hardware store to get them, but i cant find the length, width, or thread sizes. Can someone sauce me the specs? I gotta get this engine back in my car soon. Thanks all!
  6. General
    I haven't really posted much here in awhile, I thought I might throw out some info on whats been going on, and the status of the car currently. Between Trashing a $5K set of heads from my own stupidity/negligence, The 6G75 Swap, and the Tubular Subframe Debacle (it worked well once the kinks...
  7. Parts Wanted
    I am looking to buy a set of coilovers for my FWD 1999 3000gt. I was looking at the Megan Racing Street Coilovers with the camber plates but everywhere is sold out.
  8. Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    I'm not sure if they don't make them anymore or not but I can not seem to find any lowering springs that are for a non-ECS car. would be helpful if anyone could either point me in the right direction for them or confirm they don't make them anymore.
  9. Engine - Non-Turbo
    Pretty much what I want to know is it possible and what all will be needed? I have a 93 3000gt in perfect condition with 65000 miles on it, I want more power from her
  10. Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    I Have a 1993 Dodge Stealth I was looking at my wheels and was curious if there’s a way to give it negative camber without buying coil overs or camber kits?
  11. angle shot

    heres a side shot of the car
  12. 95 3000GT

  13. 95 3000GT

  14. 95 3000GT

1-14 of 14 Results