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  1. Engine - Turbo
    So I’ve done a ton of research but I would like some current opinions. 1g stealth tt everything stock 255 Walbro 550cc injectors Kinguawa 20ts 3sx front mount Safc maft DLI and apexi ITC This is my build plan for ~500 to the wheel I’m looking for it to pull hard up top and want a fun...
  2. Engine - Turbo
    Hello all, looking for some insight on what would be the best fuel line setup for my 97vr4. Current build 20T turbos 1000cc fics Fuel lab fpr Aem v2 Hot wire Supra fuel pump thats pretty much the main info I think you guys need at the moment. I’m going to be changing my fuel supply line from...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Searching for a set of injectors that I can use to start my freshly rebuilt 92' engine. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Engine - Turbo
    So on my 97 vr4 whenever you push it towards 4,000-5,000rpms you can hear the turbos make something like a “s-s-s-s” sound instead of a normal spool. It sounds fine low end but anytime you try to go beyond that it’ll start making that sound. Boost reading should be set at 10psi with a MBC just...
  5. Engine - Turbo
    Hello everyone, I just did a TT conversion on my 94 R/T and I'm at the point of starting the car and I'm having some issues. When i go to start the car all it does is crank and does not turn over. Here are some of my information so maybe someone can help diagnose the issue. Pros: The car has...
  6. Miscellaneous
    My rubber elbow from the filler neck to the tank seems to be leaking. I thought it was the clamp but a new clamp has not stopped my leak. Gates makes some rubber 90' filler neck hoses that are a universal fit but I don't know what the inner diameter is on the car. Currently there is too much...
  7. Parts for Sale
    Bought these a a good while ago...and forgot about them...still factory wrapped / new in box RC 1600cc injectors 400 obo
  8. New Owner Questions
    Hi all, our customers car is a 93 stealth 3.0 v6 dohc non turbo and a/t. Initially the car showed up and was fixed with a throttle cable to cruise and fixing grounds. A few days later it came back and had arced itself from an incorrect battery being installed against the hood. We've since...
1-8 of 8 Results