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fuel pump

  1. New member problems

    Ok, before I state my problem, I have read other threads, and while I see similar problems none exactly like mine. So. Here we go. I recently purchased a 1993 3000GT base non-turbo automatic. I can already hear gearheads rumbling butt I got a great deal on a car so not being manual turbo didn't...
  2. Please Help: 3SX Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit

    Engine - Turbo
    Hey guys and gals, 1993 VR-4 here. I had my fuel pump started sounding like it was pumping gravel then quit. I bought the Walbro 255 pump and hardwire kit from 3SX because I read the 255 would do ok with stock fuel system(and it was only like $25 more than a Denso off of Rock Auto). I am...