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  1. Parts for Sale
    I installed a new down pipe on my VR-4, and decided to list my OEM one for sale. Great condition. Some notes- -Rear Cat bolts have to be drilled out(snapped when uninstalling) -There is a bolt missing from the front cat to the flex section (bolt snapped and we had to use that one as an...
  2. Cars For Sale
    Putting my car up for sale. I'm not pressed to sell her, but a decent offer may change that. $12,000. She runs and looks good. Everyday driver, even though I don't drive her everyday. Email @[email protected] (Serious inquiries only, of course)
  3. Cars For Sale
    Hello everyone, it brings me great pain to be selling this car. I have put my heart and soul… and over 20 grand into this car to upgrade everything I could. Unfortunately, it has fallen into the same fate that most project cars fall into. I was not able to finish it, lost interest and now I am...
  4. Cars Wanted
    Hey guys, Gerard Antonucci here. I've been an active member in the Facebook groups for the past 4 years. Some of you may know me and others may have no clue who I am. I've been looking for VR4s for quite some time out here in Western PA and haven't had any luck.. After a wasted 3 and a half...
  5. General
    I purchased this unit new in 1993 and it has no modifications or abuse. At the time of the purchase I was an executive at Mitsubishi Chemical America, now retired.. Unit has about 45K miles, kept in HVAC controlled garage and has never seen a snow flake. Last several years only driven during...
  6. Cars For Sale
    I have a 1992 3000GT VR4 that I can't continue with. I purchased this car - terribly overpriced from Ebay thinking it was a cosmetic fixer/upper. The seller "little_tucker09" took no responsibility for the misleading auction nor did Ebay =P. I was so wrong and paid $5K + $750 shipping for...
1-6 of 6 Results