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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone I’m from Brooklyn nyc and I recently got this car a few months ago for 1200$ came with leaking rack and pinion, but I recently replaced it myself, car was running before but nothing in the car turns on or works and I just recently got a new battery so Im pretty sure I have to get a...
  2. New Owner Questions
    I’m 15 and looking for my first car I’ve got about 5500 saved up, there’s a stealth I found for 3000 with 85000 it looks perfect historical vehicle, one owner. Then I also found 2 2010 lancers for about 4000 with 119000 miles on them. Which do you guys think? We have our own 4 post lift and have...
  3. Welcome to 3SI
    Hello guys! I just purchased my first manual car today! 1999 3000gt base, i’m super excited & hope i can make friends in here! I will be modding it a little (just beginner things) but if anyone has any tips for me & how to get into the groove of the car scene pls lmk! I’m a newbie!
  4. My first car

    Who would've thought someone my age would get this nice car for thier first car.
1-4 of 4 Results