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  1. Stock exhaust size

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    I'm looking into pricing out changing my exhaust system and I'm trying to find the stock exhaust size to find a Y pipe to change the size. I've looked around and seen people saying 2" 2 1/2" and 2 1/4". Which is it? Was looking to bump it up to a 3" exhaust with high flow cats and the outlaw...
  2. 3SX Downpipe fitment

    Engine - Turbo
    I searched for hours on a thread for this but couldn’t find any. I just put in my 3SX Downpipe last night and the DP flanges do not match up to the stock catback exhaust, I was thinking about getting a borla catback or a tanabe, does anyone have any experience with the 3SX having fitment issues...
  3. New Exhaust

    New Exhaust

    New Exhaust added 12/3/08!