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  1. 94 VR4 Complete Engine 1800 - OBO

    Parts for Sale
    Complete engine from wrecked 94 VR4. Was hit in the right rear quarter so the engine should be fine, I just bought for a 6 speed conversion. Hit me up if you have any questions. 1800 OBO
  2. Valvetrain help

    I’m familiar with the lifters ticking occasionally but this noise was different, thought it was the bearings from the water pump but I wasn’t sure. So I purchased a mechanics stethoscope from HF to isolate the noise and WOW does this thing work, there is no noise from the water pump area. But...
  3. Engine knock and Transmission problems

    So I've had my 94 3000gt SL for about 3 years now and I've recently re sealed my engine and had my transmission swapped out. When I put my engine back in and installed the trans, I took it out for a test drive and my oil pressure dropped down to zero and shortly after my engine started to knock...
  4. 1991 GTO vr4 Engine Replacement

    Engine - Turbo
    So I have a 1991 3kGT vr4 with a very bad rod knock, Bearing spun. I was planning on Just buying a new engine since the old had alot of miles. Found a couple of engines but I'd like to see what some of you recommend since I dont know much about buying engines online.
  5. Engine


    Basically stock engine when I first purchased the car several years ago.
  6. 93 Stealth ES

    93 Stealth ES