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  1. Hello! Any SOHC engine people out there?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I've made a post before but it was a couple months ago. I have a 1997 3000GT base, 4 speed auto FWD with the SOHC engine. Are there any SOHC engine heads on here? I need to pick someone's brain, someone who knows about the engine and car. Specifically, can I just drop a DOHC in it with...
  2. Wanting an Engine Swap. Give Your Best Advice.

    My ‘97 SL has almost 140,000 and runs like new. But when the inevitable happens (engine go bye-bye) I don’t won’t another non-turbo V6. I won’t a balls-to-the-wall V8. Particularly an LS3. Does anyone have any engine swapping experience with these cars? I know it can be done. I’ve seen a few...
  3. NA automatic engine swap options?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    What’s up everyone Just want to know what engine swap options are available for a AUTOMATIC 94 NA 3000GT
  4. Stealth Engine in 3000gt

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hello, Ive had a 1994 3000gt for several years (over 15 years ) we have had many issues with the vehicle, my dad own it prior to me and I wasn't old enough to drive yet. My dad ended up giving the vehicle to me, and I've been working on it for over 3 years don't have the money to be on it at...
  5. Adapting an AEM EMS from 1g to 2g wiring with same powertrain

    Engine - Turbo
    I started a project about 2 years ago to transfer my engine and upgrades from my rusting '91 to a Florida driven '95 and the end is finally in sight! I intend to use my AEM EMS in the 95, but I know that the wiring harnesses are different between the 2 cars. My car is running speed density (no...
  6. 1991 GTO vr4 Engine Replacement

    Engine - Turbo
    So I have a 1991 3kGT vr4 with a very bad rod knock, Bearing spun. I was planning on Just buying a new engine since the old had alot of miles. Found a couple of engines but I'd like to see what some of you recommend since I dont know much about buying engines online.