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  1. Broken schock, VR4 ECS year 1992

    Parts for Sale
    Hi, have the front shock left side broken! Looking for one original shock with ECS for repalcement. Picture attached
  2. No Lights for ECS

    Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    Just picked up a 92 3kgt sl and trying to go through and fix some of the problems it has. the one I`m looking into now is the ECS not working at all. There is no light on the dash for it, and the button does nothing when pressed. Any ideas?
  3. ECS computer resistor help

    New Owner Questions
    Hello everyone, new member/owner here. I’m trying to repair a ECS module that had leaking capacitors on it, but can’t determine the value of one resistor since it’s burnt so bad. Could someone please send me a picture or the value of the resistor in R55?