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  1. Valvetrain help

    I’m familiar with the lifters ticking occasionally but this noise was different, thought it was the bearings from the water pump but I wasn’t sure. So I purchased a mechanics stethoscope from HF to isolate the noise and WOW does this thing work, there is no noise from the water pump area. But...
  2. Is an N/A base DOHC 3000 supposed to be slower than a Miata? Down on power

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hey all! been a while since I've posted on here since my 3S has been 'hibernating' per say (long story). I finally got her road worthy a few months ago and I've been dailying it since. Now I never drove the car too much before it went into hibernation and I'm used to very slow 80s cars but it...
  3. 1992 Pearl

    1992 Pearl

    This is my new project this year. 1992 Stealth R/T. Motor area has been cleaned and painted. Lower 2.5 inches all around. 17 inch Ricochet rims and Faulkin tires. Inside is in the process of a facelift now. More pics later on.