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  1. Engine - Non-Turbo
    Trying to find headers for my 94 SL Fed spec, and I know about the 3sx Kooks ones for $1k, but a couple of ebay ones caught my eye being near $800 cheaper. For 1991-99 Mitsubishi 3000Gt Sl Base V6 Stainless Steel Non-Turbo Header | eBay I know they wont...
  2. General
    Hi from California okay my 92 Dodge Stealth is broken down it needs a new alternator and needs motor mounts I'm having a really hard time finding anyone who's willing to work on it with me. If anybody knows anyone in California I'm right in Huntington Beach it would help me put the motor mounts...
  3. General
    Heres a few pics of my 92 dodge stealth im here in beautiful california. Im happy to be here amongst fans and lovers of this car just like me.
  4. General
    Do cali spec cars have different exhaust hanger locations? I have a catback exhaust for the right year and all, but my car is California spec. Wil l I be able to install it?
  5. General
    I have the single shot cat-back exhaust from Maximal Performance, and a cali spec 3000gt SL. Are all the hanger locations the same? Can I put it on?
  6. Engine - Turbo
    Anybody know of any legit mechanics that really know the 91 stealth/3000 gt vr4 tt in the Orange County California area? I'm struggling to find a good mechanic with these type of engines
1-6 of 6 Results