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  1. Can't find BOV (Blow Off Valve)

    New Owner Questions
    Hey guys, I bought a 91 VR4 a few weeks, and the first mod I had in my mind was to install a BOV. So I bought a recirculating Turbosmart BOV and today I start taking off the parts to get that swapped and look like the last owner deleted the BOV (Pic1). Also the on the Y-pipe the section which...
  2. BOV leak during pressure test (this doesn't seem good)

    Engine - Turbo
    I'll preface this by saying I'm still learning how this engine operates, and I'm slowing working through leaks while pressure testing. I'm pretty sure I've got the pressure test setup correctly (using a 3sx adapter), I've plugged the few places I'm supposed to (marked in yellow on my photos...