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  1. General
    1998 VR4 ENGINE SPINS BUT WONT START!! HELP So my car won’t start. You can hear the engine spin and it start to crank but it doesn’t start at all. Checking to make sure the starter is properly hooked up once it stops raining. Click the link above and let me know what your thoughts are.
  2. General
    Please help I have a coolant leak from the rear of the engine but my turbo lines are hooked up
  3. General
    1998 VR4 TT WHEN I POUR COOLANT IN IT COMES RIGHT OUT THE BACK. I’m assuming it’s a line to the rear turbo but all my hard lines ar hooked up. There is a hose pouring it right out. Does anyone have a diagram or the coolant hoses from the rear turbo? Please help posting pictures
  4. General
    Need a banjo bolt for the front of my turbo. Please help
1-5 of 5 Results