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  1. General
    I am wondering if my 93’ Base Model 3000GT front bumper, fenders and hood fit on a 91-93’ VR4. (Not sure what yr but it’s a Gen 1 also) So my question is really if the Base model exterior fits a VR4 exterior. Please let me know I am selling my car for parts!
  2. Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    I've been looking to lower my car, but I don't want to spend 1k on coil overs (I'm 15, not really in my budget atm) and I have been looking for some lowering springs but I can't seem to find any for the non-ecs base suspension. Would preferably spend less than $500, but I wouldn't mind spending...
  3. New Owner Questions
    I just got a 1995 3000gt SL(?) and I can't tell if it's a base or SL. It doesn't have ECS or ABS, but it is DOCH and has leather seats which I heard only came on the SL but i could be wrong. According to, it says it's a base but I'm not really sure. PLEASE HELP!! Edit: I was reading...
  4. New Owner Questions
    I have had my stealth for a while (its a 94 automatic sohc base), unfortunately whilst out on a run i managed to blow up the engine 😅, thankfully i manged to find a like for like replacement and got a garage to do the swap for me as i havent got the tools for the know how to give it a crack...
  5. Engine - Non-Turbo
    Pretty much what I want to know is it possible and what all will be needed? I have a 93 3000gt in perfect condition with 65000 miles on it, I want more power from her
  6. Parts for Sale
    Here is everything I have for sale from recently purchasing my 3000gt. Prices are listed below, PM me if you are interested and we can talk about shipping costs. Payment will be through Paypal or Venmo. Leather Backseat - $145 + shipping Upper Intake Manifold - $70 + shipping Shift Knob - SOLD...
  7. New Owner Questions
    As I have gotten more familiar with the 3000gt and the rebuild side of vehicles, I started to realize some things about my specific 3000gt that I am definitely going to need help with in the near future. When I bought the car it was listed as a 95' body with a 92' engine in it. Come to realize...
1-7 of 7 Results