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  1. All Wheel Drive - DriveTrain
    Hello, I have a 94 GTO AWD and had my drivers side rear axle go out. I was wondering where to track down an axle for it, or if there were any alternate parts I could use. The 94 eclipse alternative I tried was a little to short to work. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Outer axle ring

    This is my new 92vr4 axle. It has this outer ring on it near the outer boot, and I'm not sure its supposed to be there
  3. Outer boots

    Both drivers side vr4 half shafts. Outer boot. Notice the ring gear on the bottom shaft. Is this supposed to be there?
  4. Both half shafts

    Both 92vr4 drivers side half shafts. Bottom one has a ring type gear near the outer boot, not sure what this is supposed to be for. Also, the bottom shaft seems slightly longer. Perhaps this is the incorrect axle?
1-4 of 4 Results