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  1. All Wheel Drive - DriveTrain
    I’ve been looking towards buying a 3000gt as my first project and I was curious if the AWS is worth getting the FWD non turbo to avoid? Obviously I want the AWD TT 3000gt but if the all wheel steering is a headache to repair, drive with, or get rid if; I rather just buy the FWD and put a turbo...
  2. General
    I have a 91 vr4. I had the power steering pump replaced and lines replaced at the front rack at my local mechanic. Now the shop is saying I need a rack and pinion because i dont have power steering. My question is if the rack is not leaking than how am i not getting power steering? If it is the...
  3. Engine - Turbo
    I've had my VR4 for ~15 years now and the AWS finally started leaking like crazy. I might try to fix it since I like it for Wyoming cross-winds or delete it if that's easier. See the two attached pics of where it's leaking, looks to be the left side of the flange or tube leading to it that...
1-3 of 3 Results