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  1. FWD - Automatic
    Anyone have a spare endpack clutch for a 1999 DOHC SL automatic transmission? A new IPT unit/rebuild kit or a whole working unit from a spare atx will work. Thanks
  2. Parts Wanted
    Need a replacement end pack clutch (overdrive gear) for a 1999 DOHC SL automatic transmission. A new IPT unit or a working pack from someone's spare trans thats lying around will work. Thanks
  3. Advanced Technical Discussions
    Hi, my 1994 Mitsubishi Sigma's TCU recently went up in smoke... yes, smoke. one of the ceramic capacitors and a diode had failed and burnt. I had a guy replace the diode, and the ceramic condensator. But it didn't help. I had a spare board layng around (same MD number) and no changes. Still...
  4. FWD - Automatic
    My ATX jerks quite a bit when shifting into drive and reverse, and also when it shifts down from 2nd to 1st. Apart from that all other shifts feel fine and smooth. I've been digging around the forums and cant really find any similar issues people had. I'm already rebuilding the engine just...
1-5 of 5 Results