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  1. Audio/Video Systems
    I would like to use the factory amp in my 94 3000gt sl (infinity system) with a dual headunit xdcpa10bt and I already bought the metra 70_7004 and connected the 14 pin connecter. The issue I'm having is I'm getting nothing to my two tweeters and my front door speakers do you guys have any idea...
  2. Audio/Video Systems
    Hi guys, i have a 97 VR4 with a working stock infinity radio, amp and 10 disk changer, im curious to know if the first gen radio with the digital equalizer screen will work with the gen two system without modification, i kn9w its ment for a 6 disk changer, i just want to know if it will work...
  3. Parts for Sale
    I just got a new stereo installed and i have the parts i dont need like the stereo, amp, and cd changer. Heres the thing, i dont know if these work, power antenna was broken so i didnt get any signal so im not sure if these work, store lit up though. if your interested for all or just one shoot...
1-3 of 3 Results