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  1. New Owner Questions
    I recently bought a 91 3000gt and the guy has the alternator wired straight to the battery, he also has a blown Alt fuse, so if I replace that 120A fuse will it blow the battery since their is two connections for the alternator? If not where can I find the 120A fuse because I can’t find one anywhere
  2. General
    So my 95 base model 3000gt recently died while I was driving on the highway, a cop stopped, jumped my car and it held a strong battery till about 12 hours later. I then saw my gauge start to drop as I was doing daily errands, my car was accelerating very slowly and after I parked it again and...
  3. General
    So I had been trying to diagnose why my car would have trouble starting some days. I have a brand new starter and battery, so I thought it may be a grounding issue, but apparently, you can feel the electricity when it's running if that's the case. Anyway, it starts fine after being on the...
  4. General
    Hi guys so I just pulled an alternator out of a 92 Dodge Stealth and come to find out it's the wrong alternator mine is a 92 Dodge Stealth single overhead cam this one came out of a dual overhead cam my alternator is in the back that one is in the front. So now I'm not sure exactly what to do..
  5. General
    Hi from California okay my 92 Dodge Stealth is broken down it needs a new alternator and needs motor mounts I'm having a really hard time finding anyone who's willing to work on it with me. If anybody knows anyone in California I'm right in Huntington Beach it would help me put the motor mounts...
  6. General
    Hi guys I'm replacing my alternator in my 92 Dodge Stealth and like to know what amperage I should get theirs either 90 amps or 110 amps
  7. Miscellaneous
    Hi all, just put in a fresh new battery in my 3000gt and within 2 weeks of sitting in the garage it has completely depleted. Jumped it and ran/drove it around for a bit to charge it up. Parked it and a couple mins later it struggled starting once, then couldn't start again. This is the second...
  8. Engine - Non-Turbo
    I made a pretty stupid beginner mistake while working on my 95 3000gt SL, I was replacing the head gaskets, spark plugs and wires, and timing belt, water pump etc all of which is now installed and running fine. I made the rookie mistake of not disconnecting the battery when I first got to work...
1-8 of 8 Results