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  1. Midwestern SL

    Currently daily driven in Iowa. Kids have no idea what we drive and older folks seem to forget or feel a sense or nostalgia.
  2. General
    Anyone selling or know where I can get a 1993 NA 3000GT engine, or a JSPEC 6g74? I found a 94’ NA 6g74 but the owner says it comes with a AWD trans? Did they make Base Model AWD?
  3. General
    I have a 93’ 3000GT base model and I found a engine for a 94’ 3000GT. Would it work? Would would I have to change/upgrade? if you guys know anything please let me know my car hasn’t ran for 5 months
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I was working on my old Honda CRV and took it out for a spin and fell upon a 92 dodge stealth sitting at the back of an alley. I left a note on the car... one thing led to another and I bought the car, running for $750 cad. It has issues, which I'm going to fix. It had an engine...
  5. General
    So i got a 6g72 with a front wheel and awd trans. Me and a friend were bullshit and thought it would be cool to do a swap with it. He is a good welder, and i can wire a car. All we need is a direction to go in. First thought was an eclipse but ive heard you have to move the oil filter location...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Hey everyone I'm trying to get my SL back on the road and have been losing motivation within the research process. What I'm considering is a 6G72t or a 6G74. Currently my block lost compression in a couple cylinders and the car has been sitting for over a year and I'm really itching to get...
  7. General
    Hey guys I'm going to be as thorough as possible here so this will probably be a long post so bear with me. I am the owner of a glorious 1999 3.5l swapped 3000GT SL. I purchased it not to long ago and it ran and it drove amazing! The only issue is that it burned oil. So it clearly needed valve...
  8. General
    I’m familiar with the lifters ticking occasionally but this noise was different, thought it was the bearings from the water pump but I wasn’t sure. So I purchased a mechanics stethoscope from HF to isolate the noise and WOW does this thing work, there is no noise from the water pump area. But...
1-9 of 9 Results