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  1. Unable to Fix a 1995 3000gt for the past few years.

    So.. I got the car about 10 years ago with 90k miles. The car is now at about 133k miles so I've barely driven it. After leaving the state for 3 years and coming back the car worked ok but after a while it started acting up. I had someone to turn the car on every now and again while I was gone...
  2. Considering Sale of Black '96 VR-4

    Cars For Sale
    No moon-roof. Tan interior. Paint correction needed. Antenna, OEM stereo have given up. No history before my ownership, short carfax. Federal spec. Car is in the Netherlands, will ship easily through Rotterdam to NY. It's a former US car so should be easy to register. NEW Tein suspension, new...
  3. 1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo

    Cars For Sale Hey all! Check out my Stealth that has made it onto Bring a Trailer.
  4. 3000gt Door Shave Wiring Kit Suggestions?

    Hey friends, I recently bought a 92 vr4 with shaved doors but no kit installed. I'm trying to find a good door popper wiring kit that someone in this platform has used already.. Asked on the Facebook groups and got no feedback.. I'm sure SOMEONE here has done the door shave kit and all so if...
  5. Anybody in Calgary with a 3000gt or Stealth?

    Hey guys, looking to buy a 3000gt or Stealth on a 5000 budget. I would love to get the Vr4, or Rt/tt, but it seems out of my budget. I just recently turned 18, but I have been working like a dog during this coronavirus pandemic to save up for one. I am even willing to drive from Alberta to BC or...
  6. Vegas VR4s

    Vegas VR4s

  7. white on white

    white on white

  8. Are SOHC and DOHC steering components shared?

    New Owner Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a new owner to a 1997 base SOHC 3000GT and I need some new steering and suspension components. Now I'm having trouble finding controls arms spec'd for the base model, it seems I can only find them spec'd for the SL and VR4. Does the base SOHC model share the steering components...
  9. RWD Drive Conversion

    I recently bought a 91 3000GT VR4, and the first thing I want to do is convert it to RWD. Looking for the solution that will give me the absolute least power loss possible. I've thought about just welding the spider gears, so that if there's any mechanical issues I can reverse it by getting new...
  10. Trans issues

    So i have a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt LS automatic and i just did a oil and filter change and added the transmission fluid. The car started but didnt drive/ move. After i did these things it would shift but it only wants to move backwards. Even on drive it would move back alittle then catch its...
  11. 95 base model sunroof conversion...

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and community. I was just wondering if there are shops that does sunroof conversion. (No sunroof ---> Sunroof) Or if its been done before. I've searched but there only seems to be SL that talks about aftermarket sunroofs. I have my eye on a 95 base and...
  12. Stealth Engine in 3000gt

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hello, Ive had a 1994 3000gt for several years (over 15 years ) we have had many issues with the vehicle, my dad own it prior to me and I wasn't old enough to drive yet. My dad ended up giving the vehicle to me, and I've been working on it for over 3 years don't have the money to be on it at...
  13. Looking to buy any year vr4 shell

    Cars Wanted
    Looking to buy any year vr4 shell, must have paper work to register, I'm from CT so must be new england or even New York, Pennsylvania area
  14. Can I transfer a VR4 drivetrain to an SL shell?

    I have a vr4 that needs work but i dont have the paper work to register it, was wondering if I can transfer over the AWD drivetrain to an sl shell.
  15. New member problems

    Ok, before I state my problem, I have read other threads, and while I see similar problems none exactly like mine. So. Here we go. I recently purchased a 1993 3000GT base non-turbo automatic. I can already hear gearheads rumbling butt I got a great deal on a car so not being manual turbo didn't...
  16. Is it possible to install a s2k cluster

    Advanced Technical Discussions
    S2k cluster in a 3000gt ?how hard will it be
  17. Debating on Purchase

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the 3000GT community and I've recently fallen in love with the look of this car. I found one for sale thats pretty local. It is a 1998 3000GT Base with 119k miles on it. Overall the car looks suer clean besides a small rip in the driver seat which im not too worried...
  18. 1995 Mitsubshi 3000GT white ATX

    1995 Mitsubshi 3000GT white ATX

    I miss that car, should have never sold it.
  19. 1996 Dodge Stealth RT TT Olive Pearl

    1996 Dodge Stealth RT TT Olive Pearl

    32k miles on Odo
  20. 1999 VR4 New Zealand Green

    1999 VR4 New Zealand Green

    Found in Minneapolis. Went to UMG and drove it back 2000 miles to San Diego