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  1. Cars For Sale
    Hi All, Selling my 3000GT VR4 future project car. I don't have the time and space to get to it and it needs to go. Red exterior, tan interior. about 170k miles/ 5 spd/ Electronic stability controls, Active aero, Great to part out or to bring back to life. Not much rust on it and started about...
  2. 7D334509-7C45-4E17-8D86-D314538AEDAE.jpeg

    1994 3000GT VR-4 Edition Out on the Prowl
  3. General
    I recently bought a 97 SOHC 3k and i have been having trouble starting the car and i think it has to do with the PTU, CAS and the distributer. I have tested everything in that area and it looks good besides the ptu, which is not getting 12v. The car cranks fine and gets spark and fuel but wont...
  4. Parts for Sale
    1994 VR4 Speakers - $25 [SOLD] CD Player that goes in hatch - $50 3SX OEM Starter - $75 All work just fine - removed to reduce weight Willing to ship at buyer's expense Located in Indianapolis Call / text for questions: 317-514-nine eight seven nine
  5. Parts for Sale
    1994 Active Aero Spoiler Works just fine - pulled to installed 99 Combat Wing Condition is 8/10 if not better $300 Willing to ship at buyer's expense Located in Indianapolis Call / text for questions: 317-514-nine eight seven nine
  6. New Owner Questions
    Hey everyone! This is my first post, I have a 1991 3000gt SL (from California) (I’m in MA) and I have only had turbocharged cars with 1 cat and I am now changing out my 31 year old exhaust, and I believe that it has 2 or 3 cats, can anyone help me and answer if I will throw a CEL if I remove all...
  7. Cars For Sale
    1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT 116,000 miles V-6. 3.0 liter This import classic collectors car has been garage kept through its lifetime. Originally purchased down south the car has no rust. Making for a unique opportunity to own an original 3000 GT in a like new condition inside and out...
  8. Body & Paint
    So, I was doing some looking on google and stumbled across this picture. Does anyone know what front bumper is on this 3000gt?? If it was made custom, are there any recommendations for a bumper as close to or as aggressive like this one?
  9. Cars For Sale
    I am wanting to sell my 92 VR4 since the timing belt has broken. I've not done any digging to see how things look internally and don't plan on doing so. I would rather get rid of the car at this point. It was running great up until the belt broke driving through town. There was a check engine...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! Recently bought 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 TT for fully restoration. Sable black. 1 original owner since dealership in 1991, 90k miles, Clean title. All original. I`m fan of 3kGT since 8 years old lol, had 3 of them, all VR4`s Car was parked for 9 years in shadow but heat destroyed...
  11. 20211026_170902 (2).jpg

    1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL
  12. General
    I am wondering if my 93’ Base Model 3000GT front bumper, fenders and hood fit on a 91-93’ VR4. (Not sure what yr but it’s a Gen 1 also) So my question is really if the Base model exterior fits a VR4 exterior. Please let me know I am selling my car for parts!
  13. Cars For Sale
    Looking to sell my 1995 3000gt Vr4 with 119,xxx original Miles. Asking $18,500. Located in Kentucky. Pics below No rust! Clean title. Built by Pampena motorsports. 99 front conversion If you are interested, I will send more pictures through messages. Don’t want to put 40+ pictures in here...
  14. Interior
    I've had my 3000GT for a while now, and for as long as I have owned it, it has had a busted climate control display (the buttons still work). It's not too big of a problem, but I've been restoring more and more of the car as of late, and I was hoping to get the climate control fixed. What are...
  15. New Owner Questions
    Tracking down a no start I got no spark from 2 coils so replaced all 6 and did spark plugs but to no avail. From looking on the forums here this can be caused by cam sensor, the PTU or ecu. I took my ecu out there is a little but of leaking capaciters but they are stull attached, I will supply...
  16. Parts Wanted
    need the 1999 rear garnish asap
  17. New Owner Questions
    Hey guys, I'm interested in getting a first-gen 3000GT ('91-'93), as I really like the styling of it. I'm being picky and am dead set on getting a first-gen for my first project car. I'm knowledgeable on the components of a car and I'm going into automotive engineering at my university, so I...
  18. General
    Hi I just recently bought a 1996 3000gt VR4 which came with a clutch master cylinder issue(atleast that’s what I was told). The pedal was completely dead. I replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder as well as the line from the 3sx kit and bled it pretty well. I thought that would fix...
  19. Miscellaneous
    Hi all, just put in a fresh new battery in my 3000gt and within 2 weeks of sitting in the garage it has completely depleted. Jumped it and ran/drove it around for a bit to charge it up. Parked it and a couple mins later it struggled starting once, then couldn't start again. This is the second...
  20. Parts for Sale
    Pair of glass headlights from a 94 3000gt (r71 caracas red). The glass is in pretty good shape w/ some minor pitting/chips. As you can see in the pics they need to be baked open and cleaned out. No cracks in the plastic bucket/mounting points. Bulbs and pigtails are included. Driver side is...
1-20 of 103 Results