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3000gt sl

  1. Lucky find

    Lucky find

    Before pic. After 2 years of ownership, I’m ready to give it a clean aftermarket touch.
  2. 1996 3000 GT SL ($3000) OBO (Los Angeles CA)

    Cars For Sale
    1996 3000GT SL (Bright Red) VIN: JA3AM84J9TY003588 -3.0 Liter V6 DOHC (220 HP @ Wheels) -161,450 miles (I put about 8k on this Car, mostly highway miles.) New Parts: -Brand New Performance Radiator w/ Hoses -Brand New Slim Cooling Fans w/ Shroud -Brand New Goodyear Tires w/ warranty -New...
  3. Dormant and leaked oil. Now what?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hello fellow 3S members! I'm the third owner to a '94 SL that has been collecting dust in storage for nearly two years; it's in great cosmetic condition- no rust, and there weren't any concerning mechanical issues/weird noises last time it ran.. except for the common valve seal issue to smoke...
  4. My Mitsu

    My Mitsu

    This is my car and i love it with all my heart a 1993 3000gt sl
  5. 94 3000gt SL

    94 3000gt SL

    SL with new re-built engine with a lot of head work k & N air filter w/arm, flowmaster custom dual exhaust with no cats, competition port and polish.