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  1. Cigarette charger plug

    Has anyone found a charger that can fit well into the cigarette lighter? Can i even put one in there? I just want to buy one so i can have a charger in the car.. if thats possible
  2. Debating on Purchase

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the 3000GT community and I've recently fallen in love with the look of this car. I found one for sale thats pretty local. It is a 1998 3000GT Base with 119k miles on it. Overall the car looks suer clean besides a small rip in the driver seat which im not too worried...
  3. 4GETHONDA'S SIG - 96 3000GT

    4GETHONDA'S SIG - 96 3000GT

    arrest me red. 3000GT BASE MODEL BABY SEXY BUT SLOW