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2nd gen

  1. WTB Stock OEM 95-99 Infinity Door Speaker

    Parts Wanted
    Hello! I was hoping that someone had a single (working obviously) stock/OEM Infinity door speaker for a 1995-99 VR-4. Reach out to me and we can make a deal happen. The CAPS part number is MR172110. Thanks!
  2. WTB Chrome OEM Center Cap 95-99 VR4 Wheels

    Parts Wanted
    Hello everyone. I am searching for a single chrome OEM center cap for the 95-99 VR4 wheels. Part number is MR197990. Someone on here has to have one of these laying around because they damaged or upgraded from their stock chrome wheels. Please let me know and we can work out a deal!
  3. 99 3SX driver side blinker iso

    Parts Wanted
    My 99 has a chip in the triangle shaped blinker on driver side. I’m lookin to see if anyone has a spare laying around by chance ha-ha. Or if i could replace it with something from a stealth? ALSO need help naming the piece of material that isjust below the windows on my car. Mine is chipping...
  4. WTB 2nd Gen GT Turn Signals

    Parts Wanted
    As title states looking for 2nd gen turn signals. Will consider both amber and clear. Looking for something that isn't beat up, but if it's cheap enough I'll consider it! Shoot a message with prices and some pictures. Thanks!