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1999 3000gt

  1. Body Kits for 99' 3000GT

    Body & Paint
    I don't know if its a case of i'm not looking hard enough or in the right places, but there isn't many options for 99 3KGT is there? I'm wondering if 94-98 body options would work with maybe some slight-moderate modification(s). Exceptions being the front bumper cover due to headlight/turn...
  2. Need manual for 99 base

    Hey y’all. If anyone has a spare manual for a 99 3kgt base model laying around id love to take it off your hands. Thought there was one in my globe box & finally sawed it open today & nothing. . Or if anyone knows where i can buy one/get a digital one that would be great too! Thanks!
  3. Coolcats into

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I don’t think i ever introduced myself, my name is rachel & i’m in the socal area. Just bought my first car (a 99 3000gt!). I want to learn everything about cars & i’m slowly doing so. Hope to make friends & car buddies along the way!
  4. 99 3SX driver side blinker iso

    Parts Wanted
    My 99 has a chip in the triangle shaped blinker on driver side. I’m lookin to see if anyone has a spare laying around by chance ha-ha. Or if i could replace it with something from a stealth? ALSO need help naming the piece of material that isjust below the windows on my car. Mine is chipping...
  5. In need of keyless lock

    Hey y’all, so i just got my first 3kgt & the previous owner only had a metal key for it. No factory remote lock key. I’m wondering if i could just by any one off ebay/amazon or if i should buy one for $40 that was a factory one. Would they even work? & how would i be able to connect them...
  6. New friend

    Welcome to 3SI
    Hello guys! I just purchased my first manual car today! 1999 3000gt base, i’m super excited & hope i can make friends in here! I will be modding it a little (just beginner things) but if anyone has any tips for me & how to get into the groove of the car scene pls lmk! I’m a newbie!
  7. my car

    my car

    1999 3000gt