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  1. white on white

    white on white

  2. Tachometer not reading at all.

    I have a 1997 sl sohc with 160000 miles on it, everything runs smooth on the engine but the problem is the tach does not want to read at all, not even on start up nor driving. i’ve tried looking for the ptu tach wire but a lot of these threads are for the dohc which i know has completely...
  3. Looking to buy a black 1997 vr4

    Cars Wanted
    Hello! I am looking to purchase a 1997 black vr4. I sold my old one about three years ago and ever since I’ve been looking to buy another one or find my old one and possibly buy it back. I am from owatonna MN if anyone knows of any that’s for sale or close to me. Thanks guys
  4. 1997 GTO VR-4

    1997 GTO VR-4

    Delivered in Japan, privately imported to Australia. Just got new SSR Type F rims fitted - 19"x9.5" rear and 19"x8.5" front. Required slight widening of rear bodywork.