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  1. New Owner Questions
    Hey, this is probably a silly question but does anyone know if there are any standard parts for 3000GTs that were used in other Mitsubishi’s of the same year? I have a 1995 SL that I’ve had a few years but haven’t needed anything major repaired. Just wondering a “what if” question, nothing too...
  2. 3SI wikipedia Discussions
    Hello all , first of all I am new to this Forum and I am new to Forums themselves. I recently bought a N/A Base 1995 3000gt with 133K miles and have plans on using the car as a daily therefore want to make sure everything in the car is working properly . After driving the car the first couple...
  3. Parts for Sale
    These have been sitting in storage for way too long and I'd like for them to go to someone who has use for them. Make me an offer. Thanks!
  4. Audio/Video Systems
    I just bought a 95’ 3000GT and it didn’t come with the radio so I thought the spot is big enough for a tablet / screen any ever done this ? And can recommend something that will fit almost perfectly ? Thank you!
1-5 of 5 Results