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  1. Vegas VR4s

    Vegas VR4s

  2. 1994 SL build

    Parts for Sale
    Hey everyone I'm trying to get my SL back on the road and have been losing motivation within the research process. What I'm considering is a 6G72t or a 6G74. Currently my block lost compression in a couple cylinders and the car has been sitting for over a year and I'm really itching to get...
  3. 94 > 99 VR4

    94 > 99 VR4

  4. Dormant and leaked oil. Now what?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hello fellow 3S members! I'm the third owner to a '94 SL that has been collecting dust in storage for nearly two years; it's in great cosmetic condition- no rust, and there weren't any concerning mechanical issues/weird noises last time it ran.. except for the common valve seal issue to smoke...
  5. My Stealth

    My Stealth

    Complete Stock except exhaust and short ram air intake.