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  1. 1993 SOHC Dodge Stealth Base Model

    I have a Dodge Stealth and there is a fog light button that isn’t connected to anything since I have no fog lights. I Have Underglow on my car and Im interested in wiring them to the fog light button! Is that possible?
  2. Oil system issues?

    Engine - Turbo
    I recently bought what I've always wanted: a VR-4. 1993, 93k miles, all stock(I was told) except for wheels tires and exhaust and megan Coilovers. Has had 128 miles put on it in the last year until I bought it. Before that it sat in a climate controlled warehouse and wasn't driven much at all...
  3. 1993 VR4 for Sale

    Cars For Sale
    1993 VR-4, Black. Extensive rebuild/upgrades at 172k Miles in 2012, currently at 191k. Only two owners, current owner has had since 1997. Drivers side scrape, scratches only, no major accidents. Mechanically, nearly all the car has less than 22k miles since the major refresh as it has been...
  4. 93 Dodge Stealth TT

    93 Dodge Stealth TT

    93 R/T TT Original paint, nothing fancy. Just clean.
  5. SL


    Base '93. Fun ride even though no turbos. New rubber, system, and fixed many things that were broke. Picked up as project for me and my 6 year old son. He loves it (me too).