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  1. Parts Wanted
    My ECU is not repairable. Need refurbished working condition ECU replacement: 1991 VR4 ECU - Part # MD159966. Thanks to the 3SI community for your help ❤️
  2. ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, I tried using an OBD1 reader on my OEM ECU and it did not work. I replaced the Fuse and tried again, did not work. Recently, i've switched over to the Chromed ECU and I have installed the OBD2 port, yet i am still not getting a connection with a generic OBD2 reader. I've replaced the...
  3. General
    So I am currently in the process of buying this 91 vr4 and apparently it had the “common” timing issue. The seller stated “the main bolt that holds the balancer backed out and the timing gear on the crankshaft fell off.” To be specific, I don‘t mind the work to fix the timing issue but in...
  4. General
    Greetings. Just wanting to get some opinions from experts on here about what I should do. I have had this car sitting in the same place (outside) for about 20 years. When it was parked there it had a blown engine. To the best of my memory, all else on the car was in good shape electrically &...
  5. General
    I have just finished rebuilding my 6g72 twin turbo motor and dropping it into the car, and it fired up shortly after priming the engine; however now will not start. It cranks, I have spark, 150psi compression, lots of fuel pressure and engine timing seems good. The engine seems to be flooding as...
  6. Day 1

    Just getting the car back to my friends house where all the BPU work began!
1-7 of 7 Results