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1991 vr4

  1. 1991 VR4 sitting for 20 years...

    Greetings. Just wanting to get some opinions from experts on here about what I should do. I have had this car sitting in the same place (outside) for about 20 years. When it was parked there it had a blown engine. To the best of my memory, all else on the car was in good shape electrically &...
  2. No start, seems flooded, have all requirements to start.

    I have just finished rebuilding my 6g72 twin turbo motor and dropping it into the car, and it fired up shortly after priming the engine; however now will not start. It cranks, I have spark, 150psi compression, lots of fuel pressure and engine timing seems good. The engine seems to be flooding as...
  3. Day 1

    Day 1

    Just getting the car back to my friends house where all the BPU work began!