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1991 3000gt sl

  1. IS THIS PWR STEERING FLUID OK? Why is it whining? (1991 3000GT SL)

    Hi, I recently had my power steering rack and pinion replaced and I believe the shop used synthetic fluid which leaked a bunch. I did research and purchased the fluid (in image). Now I am wondering if it might be the wrong type of Dexron compatible. The leak is gone for now I believe, but...
  2. New Owner 1991 3000GT SL (Acceleration Issues) Plz Help!

    Hello there, Purchased my first red 1991 3000GT SL a few days ago. N/A DOHC 114k miles on it. (Automatic) Beautiful car, and am excited to be apart of this community. BUT NEED HELP!!! I brought it in to the mechanic (im still learning how to work on cars) and had a bunch of very necessary...