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  1. Parts Wanted
    Hi, looking for a functioning TCU (MD740087) for my 1991 3000GT SL. (G1T11073E 0Z21) Thank you!
  2. Miscellaneous
    My 1991 3000gt got into a fender bender before I purchased it and the headlight housing on the right side is slightly bent down leading to the hood and fender not lining up perfectly. I was probably just going to try and use something to bend it back but if there is any other way I would love to...
  3. Miscellaneous
    I have been looking around everywhere and can't find replacements for the underpart of the headlight. If anyone knows a place that's sells them that would be really helpful.
  4. Parts Wanted
    EDIT: I have decided to use the 92+ crankshaft and just replace the PS pump. Thanks for all the replies. Hello! I have a 1991 3000gt SL. I need a crankshaft pulley, as when the car was being maintenanced and getting the timing belt and water pump done, it broke. The mechanic servicing the car...
  5. General
    I own a manual 91 3000 I'm afraid I've done some damage to it, second works fine if I'm actually able to pull it into gear, never pops out. But before it became difficult to get into first and second, first gear would randomly pop out of gear if I didn't hold it forward to now...if I...
  6. General
    Hi, I recently had my power steering rack and pinion replaced and I believe the shop used synthetic fluid which leaked a bunch. I did research and purchased the fluid (in image). Now I am wondering if it might be the wrong type of Dexron compatible. The leak is gone for now I believe, but...
  7. Miscellaneous
    Hello there, Purchased my first red 1991 3000GT SL a few days ago. N/A DOHC 114k miles on it. (Automatic) Beautiful car, and am excited to be apart of this community. BUT NEED HELP!!! I brought it in to the mechanic (im still learning how to work on cars) and had a bunch of very necessary...
1-7 of 7 Results