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Stealth R/T
B34 Pearl Blue
I bought this from the owner and his wife back in September of 2012 in Fenton, Missouri. It was originally a New York car though! After my cousin bought his pearl green stealth, I fell in love with it and searched for one for myself. Only being 17 years old at the time, I saved my money from working at donut shops, to grocery stores, all to save for my first car. I finally found this one on autotrader, and immediately went to look at it and knew it was the car for me.

Fast forward three months, being the stupid teenager I was, I decided to do a spark plug change myself, as it had a slight miss. To make a long story short, I dropped one of the plenum lock washers into the intake and started her up and of course, essentially chewed up the internals. After nearly a year and a half of rebuilding the engine with my father and his cousin, the Zombie Stealth lived to see another day and runs like a champ! A few years later and a few years wiser, I have babied this car and look forward to maintaining it for many more years!
1994 Dodge Stealth R/T (B34 Pearl Blue)


Full rebuild, but completely stock aside from a K&N Cold Air filter and the 3" Borla Turbo Catback.
Black cloth. Eh.
B34 Blue Pearl (such a fantastic color), robo modded and halo modded the headlights (white LED halos), reverse wiper mod so it is hidden behind the spoiler (it's all about the details) TSW wheels (previous owner's doing) and a planned evil eye mod done to the hood.
An ancient Kenwood head unit installed by the previous owner!
Nothing'd think these cars were made with a factory lift! Suspension mods are definitely in the works though.
Wheel and Tire
Some TSW wheels that have definitely seen some better days (New York salted roads tore these things up!)



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