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Flat Black
Not Good So Far...... I have Owned and built several American auto's, And a few European cars, Bmw 740il, Subaru's, I have never taken any of my vehicle's anywhere to have anything done, I take great pride in my abilities and overall knowledge. That being said, I have allways Wanted a 3000gt and bought one with a new motor, that needed to be "rescued" I would rather buy a car that has a good foundation, (93,000 miles) New motor Showed me 2,600 in receipt, that he purchased for his Daughter when she was 14 and did his own "customizing", (had it painted Flat Back, Cheap window tint, To Fast Too furious Spoiler, Painted Rear Tail lights, Expanded metal Grill work, Walmart stereo system, seat covers, ect..... I intended to actually Fix his ambitions While being able to enjoy the car for what it's supposed to be. Unfortunalely I have not put 300 miles on "black beauty" before having some "Issues" That have me questioning my own ambitions.... My moral obligation at this point would be to put her down versus Passing Her on to someone else...... That is what you do with lame horses isnt it? I am optimistic and honest enough to give her a chance if The Mitsu "Gods" (you and all your followers) can help me become the Professional I am surely to become. I truely mean that with the Upmost respect.
1991 Mitsubishi SL (Flat Black)


She was built right, motor is solid, don't like the auto trans anyway and have never heard a Tranny With lifter type Tick in park only?
She was dark skinned lived in Florida, Did I mention walmart? Not a lot of self esteem, I am a great Role model. If the Docs can help me get her up, I'll get her her moving.
She looks like she has hidden beauty if she just had someone to boost her self esteem.
Walmart, I bought her in the dark too..... 150 miles from Home.... Awsome view of the grand canyon theme Cracks and the dakota badland type heaving in the dash. Needs about everything Including A spare. Lol
She needs some help here too.
Wheel and Tire
Nissan 5 spoke flat black, New tires on front, NOT walmart either! "Oh my God I drove it 150 miles with those so weather checked tires on the back one was almost flat 2 days later".... did I mention no spare? She got me home before I noticed.... this is all true, impulse buy I know... but I like taking the ugly ducks and earning the right to call them mine. I just need some help from you and yours, pointing me in the right Direction to help me feel a little better about wanting to save her, if possible. I look forward to becoming one Of your long time worshipers here, hopefully in the near future, Kevin Hudack


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