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Stealth R/T TT
pearl white
I am the 3rd owner of the car, which I bought in not so brilliant condition from a guy in the UK.

After it finally arrived in Bulgaria, I realised, that it has the typical ECU problem (thanks to this forum), along with some other problems. Unfortunately, they were too many, so actually what I had to do is to replace almost half of the parts to make it work as it should. I am a perfectionist and I don't like my cars to have any kind of problems, so I put many efforts, work and money (of course) to make the car as mint as possible. After replacing parts, costing more then amount of the car itself, I also replaced the water radiator and the intercoolers with thicker ones, just to be sure that all the cooling is like it should.

I always thought, that the Stealth doesn't have the right ride height and wheel size, so I replaced the stock springs with lowering ones and I have installed a set of Moda R6 19" wheels, which I have previously painted in the same color as the car (which was also partially repainted).

These are actually the only serious modifications, that I have done. The car is completely stock, because my first aim was to make it mint.

In Bulgaria we have like 20 of these cars, so it is not an easy job to do that task, but I've done what I can.
1991 Dodge Stealth R/T TT (pearl white)


The front valve cover has been powdercoated in charcoal grey. New, stronger caps for the oil and coolant. EVERY bolt under the hood has been replaced with new one (rust-proof). EVERY black metal part has been removed and powdercoated again. New, thicker coolant radiator and side mount intercoolers. I also have mounted a K&N cone air filter, because the case of the original one is too restricted. And the aluminium Y-pipe is mounted, because like we all know - the original one is almost impossible to be re-attached to the throttle body after a plenum removal. And with this one things are way more easier.
The main thing of course was to make the interior like it was when the car leaved the showroom and I've managed to do that, but I've also made some little modifications, that I thought will look good.

When I replaced the leather of the steering wheel and the gear knob, I've made the stitching red, so it can match the color of the seats.

I've also made leather covers for the arm support, the ash-tray cover and the 2 little brackets beside the air-conditioning control unit. These things and especially the arm support cover are really looking good. But I decided that it will be better if I keep the stitching black here. Picture of these can be seen in the "In-Car Entertainment" section below.
The main thing was to make the car mint and to keep its stock look, so apart of the wheels and the lowering springs, there are no other major modifications.

I have covered the front turn signals with special light-permeable black transparent vinyl, so the whole headlight area can be in black color.

The whole car was polished and the body parts with problems were repainted. I also installed a Dodge emblem on the front bumper, which is made from reflecting white vinyl. It is clear coated and it looks really "Stealth". :) You can see a picture of it in the "Suspension" section.

The area below the pop-up headlight has been filled with LEDs and converted into a daylight. Every daylight contains about 100 LEDs and they are really, REALLY bright.
Nothing aftermarket here, because I wanted to keep everything original of course. And actually - the original audio is not so bad at all. And the CD-player works without any problem.

And of course it is always great to have working control buttons on the steering wheel :)
I've put a set of GAB lowering springs, which are lowering the car with 30mm (1.2 inches). For me this is the perfect lowering for a 3S car.

I don't have pictures of the suspension, so I have uploaded pics of another parts of the car here.
Wheel and Tire
19" Moda R6 wheels, painted in the same color as the car. The central caps with the Dodge logo are made by myself. So are the Stealth logos on the front and rear brake calipers. And the calipers I decided to paint in pearl silver.



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