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3000GT VR4
If you hate reading these vids will give you a good idea about the car...

1. [URL=""]6 Month Journey[/URL]

2. [URL=""]Tuning Pulls[/URL]

If you love reading here is the entire build thread: [URL=""]Build Thread[/URL]

If you like lots of pictures here's all of them: [URL=""]Photos[/URL]

I'll always remember when I first saw a 3000GT. I was riding home with some friends late at night back in 1999 (keep in mind I was 12) "What was that!??!" I was flipping out. Dad says shut up it's just a Mitsubishi. Ever since then I always wanted one. In my mind there isn't another car that compares to the timeless styling. I'll ALWAYS have a 3S.

Finally out of college I started saving so I could just pay cash up front. I wish I could say I shopped around for a while, but I really only looked at a couple of cars and jumped on one..I'm sure I'm not the only one :)

Purchased the car 1/22/2011 completely stock except for rims and intake.

[B]Most Memorable Moments[/B]

- Pushing the car 1/2 a mile home in the dark when ECS screwed with ECU. Got a real appreciation for how heavy these cars are. Just cause a road is flat doesn't mean the car will move like shopping cart! haha

- Passing inspection with a turbo chewing on the compressor wheel nut...Turbo Rebuild Fail!

- Pizza delivery guy freaking out and wanting pics of the car. Sent it to his wife who is obsessed saying he bought it.

- Pulled over only 1 time for license plate light being out lol

- Running 13.2 1/4 mile

- Trapping 106mph

I'm also a huge fan of this community. It's great to have so many people across the world willing to help people they've never met and expect nothing in return. I try and give back by making how to videos.

[B]YouTube Channel[/B]:[URL=""]YouTube Channel[/URL]

Here are a few of my favorites:

[B]Favorite Vids Produced[/B]:

1. [URL=""]VSS How To[/URL]

2. [URL=""]Subframe Install Time Lapse[/URL]

3. [URL=""]6 Month Progress[/URL]

4. [URL=""]First Day Home[/URL]

5. [URL=""]SAFC II Tuning[/URL]

6. [URL=""]OCMD Cruise Week 2012[/URL]

7. [URL=""]Tuning Pulls[/URL]

8. [URL=""]Roll Race vs Lt1 Trans Am (cammed)[/URL]

9. [URL=""]AEM Tru Boost Install[/URL]

10. [URL=""]Hand Held Halo Data Logging How To[/URL]

11. [URL=""]Front Ball Joint Replacement[/URL]

12. [URL=""]TD04-9b Turbo Disassembly[/URL]











1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (Silver)


-15G Turbos
-CXRacing Y Pipe
-DSM 450cc Injectors
-8.5mm MSD Wires
-Walboro 255 Fuel Pump
-6AN Line from tank to Rail
-Fuel Lab Fuel Filter
-Denso Iridium Plugs
-3G Lifters
-K&N Filter
-Odyssey Light Weight Battery
-Fuel Pump Hot Wire
-IPS DP (elim Frnt Precat)/3" Test Pipe/Gutted Rear Precat
-3SX Alum Radiator

And a full list of deletes...

- Full AC (including fan)
- Rear Wiper
- Clutch Vacuum
- Power Antenna
- Front Air Dam
- Spare/Jack
- Fuel Pump Resistor
- Cruise Control
- Power Steering
- Evap
- Alarm
- (1) Horn, relocated other horn
- Rear & Front Washer Bottles
- Front License Plate Braket
- ABS Delete

Works out to 3485lbs



AEM Tru Boost, AEM Wideband, AEM Oil Pressure, Custom Carbon fiber center gauge POD.

Quick Vid: [URL="SAFC Install"][/URL]
No AC, No Radio, No Power Steering...No problem!! :)

Real entertainment comes in the form of a Hand Held Halo Datalogger.

-ECS Push Button Start
Going to include steering and chasis mods here as well...

-Meagan Street Series Coilovers set to hardest dampness and aprox 1.75" drop all around.
-All Wheel Steering Delete
-Adjustable Rear Camber Arms
-Rear Subframe & Diff Bushings Poured 94A Poly
-Power Steering Delete

Rebuilding my rear subframe was one of the largest projects I have taken on due to the fact that some of the parts were not available. For example I had the (2) smaller of the (4) main bushings made. I started by using a caliper to take accurate measurements. Then created drawings and provided a machine shop with a the supplies to create the bushings. The end result was great!



Here is all the new components that went onto the rear...



Also spent some time cleaning up and respraying the under body.
Wheel and Tire

-5Zigen FN01R-C 17x9
-R1 Racing Concept Drilled/Slotted Rotors
-Painted Calipers




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