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3000GT VR-4
Firestorm Red
I bought her in October 2012 with 58K Miles on the clock. She is number 255/510 (side note: How cool is that?). She is nowhere near perfect, but she is as close as I could hope for. Absolutely immaculate if you skip over a few paint blemishes and kept in pristine condition.

I am a 17-year old that knew from the day he got his first job 8 years ago that he would one day own a nice car. I saved and saved and saved each and every pay cheque. I looked at Supras, 300ZXs, Cobra Rs, RX-7s, and when my dad showed me a local ad for a 1st Gen GTO I said "What's that?" Naturally I had no clue whatsoever what these cars were or anything about them. I researched for 2 years before I found this girl. She is the only 2nd Gen VR-4 (And I haven't even seen any other trim levels for that matter, but I am sure they are out there) in my province that I am aware of. No this isn't my first car, my first was a 93 Celica GT that's been a little temperamental (three engine swaps later) so I got a little bit acquainted with owning and maintaining a vehicle. I have been pulling wrenches all of my life, starting with my dad's '68 Mustang that we swapped a 90's 5.0 in.

I take her to car shows and meets around where I live with my father and it always brings a smile to my face when people ask me what the heck it is. Such an amazing feeling.

She is 98% Stock and I intend to keep this girl just like that.
1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (Firestorm Red)


Stock (Also immaculately clean.)
(Unless an HKS Turbo Timer counts for something)
67J interior (Black Leather) In the pictures it shows an aftermarket shift knob that I recently replaced with the stock one. And the back seat seat-belts have red mitsubishi covers on them.

I just ordered a black leather with red stitching shift boot because the one that is in there is really really cracked and worn. And down the road I am planning on replacing the centre dials because the oil pressure gauge doesn't work and I know how inaccurate the boost gauge is.
"Firestorm Red" (Caracas Red) Paint, whoever drove this car before me repainted some of the body panels but left others, causing the paint to look kinda two tone. Another thing on my list is to get it all up to snuff. A good buff is good enough for now :). The red-orange really comes out in some light and makes her almost sparkle.
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Aging Sony Xplod 12" sub and 500W Amp. Soon to be replaced with my Alpine 500W and a Rockford Fosgate Punch 15" Sub in a custom box.
Stock, nothing fancy. The roads around where I live mean that any lower and she would be no fun to drive, and scrape everywhere.
Wheel and Tire
The stock 18" VR-4 Chrome rims with 245/40/R18 Venezia Crusade HP tires.



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