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3000GT SL
Pearl Metallic Yellow
This car had been abandoned for over 18 months at my condominium complex in San Diego. I purchased it from the owner in Jan 2007, after he had moved to the East Coast. It's been a three year project in the making, due to me going on back to back deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, and being stationed away from San Diego, in Lemoore, CA. It's been a great partnership with Deftracing, Extreme Dimensions, Killerglass, C&A Automotive, Skillard Designs, and Nice & Easy Body Shop in San Diego. This car has been redone from inside out, and top to bottom! I appreciate the fact that I'm finally able to enjoy this car!
It's been great to represent the platform in 2011 at various meets and car shows. I didn't always place, but the car was always well received!

Won "Best Of Show" at the All Hands Car Show at Naval Base San Diego held on April 17th, 2011! The car will be featured in all promotional materials for the 2012 event!

I moved from San Diego to North Dallas in June 2011.

In 2011:
- Hooters Mequite Car Show on 16 July 2011. Won "Best of Show" for car of the '90's, "Class Winner" and "Best Import"!
- Texas Heat Wave car show held in Austin, TX 22-24 July 2011. Won "Best Mitsubishi"!
- El Chico-Garland Car Show on August 27th, 2011. Won "Best Import"!
- Won "Best Import" at A Night with the Fritts Car Show in Garland on September 3rd, 2011!
- XDC/REMIX Super Show in Fort Worth, September 24th, 2011.
- 9th Annual Texas 3S Gathering October 7th-9th, 2011, in Dallas, TX. Won "Nicest Engine Bay", "Best 3000GT", and "Best of Show"!
- Selected for WEKFEST Dallas October 15th, 2011! Won 3rd Place in the Mitsubishi Class!
- Import Face Off in Ennis, TX November 13th, 2011. Won "Best Mitsubishi"!

2011 was a great year, and looking forward to continuing to represent the platform!

In 2012, won "Hottest Mitsubishi" and 4th place "Hottest 2 Door Wild" at HIN Fort Worth, TX. The car also won several awards at local car shows.

In 2013:
- Won "Best Mitsubishi" at IFO Ennis, TX in April!
- Won "Best Mitsubishi" and "Best Display" at IFO Noble, OK in April!

I posted a few pictures of how she looked when I first got her...
1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (Pearl Metallic Yellow)


* Killerglass upper radiator hose and stainless steel lower radiator hose
* Polished plenum, valve cover, air intake, spark plug cover, radiator bracket, and fuel rails. Ultimate Performance engine dress up kit
* Chromed battery holder, A.C. brackets, fuel rail loop, heat shield, and nuts.
* 3SX light weight crank pulley and engine dress up kit
* Mishimoto radiator temperature gauge
* Skillard Design mirrored stainless steel hood skin
* Interstate battery
* Skillard Designs powder coated GTO door sills
* Custom black headliner and sun visors with yellow piping
* Door handle covers
* Black floor carpet and Ichiban dead pedal
* RActive shift knob and black suede shift boot with yellow stitching
* Custom door panels, center console panels and E-brake boot
* GTO gauge bezel and door speaker covers
* 40 square feet of sound deadening material
* Custom dashcover with embroidered name
* Deftracing Top Secret fiberglass hood
* Extreme Dimensions Fighter body kit, Bomber wing, GT Concept fenders, front splitter, and rod supports
* Aerocatch locking hood latches
* Antenna and rear wiper deleted
* JDM side mirror visors
* Bosch wipers
*99 sail panels
*GTO rear garnish, JDM amber tail lights, and smoked turn signals
*Paint matched Robo mod headlights & HIDs
* Two Phoenix Gold Xenon X600.1 class D amplifiers and X200.1 amplifier
* Two Phoenix Gold OCTANE-ZR6.5 COMP 6.5" Component Sets, distribution block and Remote Voltage Monitor
* Two Eclipse 12” subwoofers, Eclipse AVN-2454 head unit, and two headrest monitors
* iSimple iPod A/V interface adapter
* Two 1.5 farad capacitors
* Monster Cable Ultra Slim Battery Terminals
* Custom sealed subwoofer enclosure and amp rack with white LEDs
* Streetwires 0 gauge power wire, Monster Cable RCA cables and fuse holder.
* ADDCO rear sway bar and a rear strut bar
* Cianci three point front strut bar and a rear strut bar
Wheel and Tire
* MB Drifter rims
* 3SX 60mm extended wheel studs and stainless steel brake lines
* Brake Labs zinc plated slotted rotors



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