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I bought this car for steal of a deal knowing it needed some work. It had some issues with the power steering as it was very weak and was constantly whining. I figured it needed a new power steering pump. Turns out I was right, but it also needed a steering rack. The car also had an exhaust leak, which wasn't an issue as this is typically an easy fix. I did not realize that it was not simply a leak but a broken weld. So now the exhaust is basically straight piped right after the cat.(Sounds pretty mean) After owning the car for about a month and a few launches later, the clutch went. :/ For a car with 220,000km and being the kind of car it is, this was not unexpected. The car also needed many interior parts such as the ash tray, the trim on the door panels, floor mats, and speakers. Nothing a simple trip to pick n pull couldn't fix. When I first got the car, I had no idea how much of a mess this car is to work on. After about an hour under the car attempting to do my clutch, I decided it was best that I set it aside for my mechanic friend to care of and do the steering rack while he was down there. After all of the repairs it still wasn't perfect. There are rips in the seats, stains in the carpet, faded clearcoat on the door, rock chips like you wouldn't believe on the hood and bumper (Alberta problems). Seeing as these were simply cosmetic issues, I have decided to leave them for now until I get the money to do a full respray. The car runs good mechanically now, and of course it has the typical lifter tick we all know of. I have only had the car for a couple months but i can slowly see it, progressively getting better! But even with the cost of repairs and parts there is still a profit to be made if I decide to sell it.
1994 Mitsubishi GTO (Black)


-HKS Mushroom filters
-3sx custom wires
-Iridium spark plugs
-Green painted accents
-XTD stage 4 clutch 6 puck disc
-Fidanza Lightweight flywheel
-M2 turboback exhaust
Pretty stock as it sits but hoping to get it a little bit spiced up during the summer.
-3sx fiberglass double gauge pod pillar
-AEM TruBoost
-AEM Uego Wideband
-18" rims painted tiffany blue. ( bought it like that, it grows on you, trust me, I hated it at first too)
-TOYO tires 245/45/18
-Retrofitted projector glass headlights
-Blue LED lights on bumper and license plate
-Tinted side markers
-Pioneer single din deck
-12" Alpine Type S sub and amp in box
-6.5" Hertz door speakers
-6x9 Hertz rear speakers
-Firestone Ride Rite Suspension
-Stock shocks
Wheel and Tire
18" rims, painted tiffany blue sitting on TOYO Proxes 4 tires 245/45/18



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