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3000GT VR4
Pearl White
My first car was a base model stealth. It was very basic but it was red, had black rims and it was my first car so it was awesome haha. I got a lot of attention and loved the car. After a trip to Utah I changed my view on cars and bought a 2003 Frontier V6 4X4.... that was short lived. I could not stand how slow it was and i wasn't getting the attention like the stealth. So this time I figured I would do things the right way and I bought a VR4.

I bought the car with 140k in december of 09'. My friends were all hyped up about the car since I told them I was getting it and were all waiting for a ride when i got it home. The first time i pushed the throttle down to the floor it spun all 4 tires and took off! We both just started laughing at how fast it was. Before this car my SOHC stealth was the fastest thing me or any of my friends had been in sadly.

After about a month of beating the shit out of it and racing everything I never thought i could touch, The turbo went -_-. I was still in highschool at the time so I had very little money. To save money I figured I would fix it myself! I'm pretty mechanically inclined so it was no issue. After that the ecu went and then the car ran good for about 2 years. (with minor issues). I continued to slowly upgrade the car. I upgraded to a turboback catless SS 3" exhaust, Stage 3 clutch, boost controller, intake, and then I redid my whole interior from red to black with corbeau seats and prosport gauges.

So fast forwared to summer of 2012'. This summer was almost the last summer I owned this car. I ran into problem after problem. I needed a new steering rack so that was first. While I was waiting on parts i had the car up on jackstands in my driveway. However after coming home one hot day my heart sank when i saw my car had fallen off the jackstands while it was half way taken apart. Amazingly there was no damage! So I installed the steering rack with little issue and also did an aws delete. Since the car was already on jack stands I figured I might as well upgrade to SS brake lines as well. Then I figured if i had the wheels off I might as well paint them bronze. And If i had the wheels off i might as well paint the calipers red! So I get the car together and of course more problems. The turbo seals were shot so i had to get new turbos. This was an obvious upgrade opportunity. I chose to go with 15g's because I DD this car but wanted decent power potential. However I was having an overheating issue as well. After replacing a few sensors, thermostat, flushing the system a few times and putting a 3sx aluminum radiator on...i was still pissing out antifreeze -_-. Turned out to be the waterpump seals. Took it to a shop -$1100 to my diminishing bank account. So after the car drained my bank account over the summer it is finally doing good again and a bright future is ahead for this car!

I wanna say thanks to the 3si community for all the help over the years. If it wasn't for you guys I would have had to get rid of this car by now.
1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (Pearl White)


-Stock Motor
-Stock 5 speed Drivetrain
-Short Throw Shifter W/ Aluminum Knob
-XTD Stage 3 Clutch
-Polished Intake Plenum
-MSD Wires
-NGK Platinum Plugs
-15g turbos
-650cc injectors (very soon)
-Denso 255lph fuel pump (also very soon)
-Greddy knockoff BOV
-EGR Delete
-Vacuum Reduction
-Aluminum Catch Can
-Krank Vents
-3sx Single Pass Radiatior
-Manual Boost Controller
-Swapped Gray Carpet
-Swapped Gray Rear Seats
-Corbeau CR1 Seats w/ Harness
-Boss In-Dash Touchscreen
-Cianci 3 Pillar Gauge Pod
-Prosport Boost, Volt, and Wideband
-Cutsom Amber Door Handle Lights
-Factory Pearl White Paint
-ROH Adrenaline wheels
-Painted Factory Brake Calipers
-99 Sails
-JDM Tails
-99 Center Garnish
-Smoked Snake Eyes
-Custom Front Lip (still in progress)
-Boss In-Dash Touchscreen
-Infinity Kappa Speakers (Front)
-Pioneer Speakers (Rear)
-Rockford 300W Amp
-Sony XPlode 10" Woofer
-New KYB Struts
-Tiens S-Tech Lowering Springs
-AWS Delete
Wheel and Tire
-Bronze ROH 17" Adrenaline Wheels
-Fuzion HRI All Season Tires 245/45/17
-SS Brake Lines



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