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Stealth RT/TT
Galaxy White Pearl
I bought the car about two months ago from a farmer out in northern Texas who had bought the car from a younger gentlemen that had really mistreated the mechanical aspects of it. I bought it with the intention of pulling the motor and rebuilding it and right now i'm in the process of tearing down the motor to have all the major parts checked for cracks and machined. I hope to have it back to its former glory by March of 2015, just in time for graduation.
1995 Dodge Stealth RT/TT (Galaxy White Pearl)


Oh boy, where do I start...
I may be missing a few things here but i'll do my best. (note: I didn't install any of the mods, previous owner did.) Alright: Blitz boost controller, Heavy duty braided fuel lines, 650cc injectors, AEM fuel regulator, K&N air intake, Snow performance water/methanol injection system, some knock off brand rinky dink MAF translator ("horsepower in a box" it says), Fidanza adjustable cam gears, 3sx 272/264 cams, Wiseco Pistons, electronic fans, 3sx Annihilator stage 3 turbos, Nitrous express N.O.S. kit, and im sure im missing many, many, many other thing. I plan to rebuild the car back to factory specs and only put on a few select parts and not completely molest the greatness of this car.
The previous owner had done many things to the interior of the car. It has a Blitz boost controller, a multitude of switches for various performance functions, an array of gauges, Sparco seats and Sparco four point harnesses, Red led's in place of factory gauge cluster lights.
The only exterior mod that is done to the car are the robo-mod headlights that I am in the midst of building and the drop springs that the younger gentlemen that owned it before me had added to the car,
The car has Kenwood sound system with a Kicker amp. i'm not quite sure on the models of each as I haven't really driven the car at all because it doesn't run... But I can confidently say that the factory speakers are no longer in the car because the sound system that is in it can hit like nothing I've ever heard before.
The car has Ridetech Coil over suspension.
Wheel and Tire
The car still has the factory chrome wheels and Potenza tires on it



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