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General Information

3000GT SL
pearl white/matte black
I bought this beauty last February, finding her at a car dealership for 3000 bucks. Wanted to buy a first car that I can learn cars on (by working on it of course). Pretty much figured out what had to be done after taking a friend over with me to check it out.

Had 4 different tire treads, fugly dub rims, remains of a bass system (wiring was still installed), and 50% of a nonworking neon kit still installed. Also no working stereo, A/C, and both windows were stuck in the up position.

But she worked, and for then that was what counted. Of course... I had the fun experience of having my front left tire blow two weeks later as I was driving to the dealership to get my papers. One flatbed later, she was at a shop getting new Firehawk tires.
1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (pearl white/matte black)


Engine-wise, things were alright until I got symptoms after getting the headpiece for my stereo installed. They left the car on so she would not run out of battery when they were doing wire checks. Guess what? 30 minutes of burning oil creates a very cool smoke trail when leaving the first 2 intersections away from the audio shop. Lol.

One of the fans also did not work, so ontop of the smoking when I idle too much, I would also overheat. That happening in LA is not fun at all. Good thing though, is when I was able to find a convenient time, I was able to take her to [email protected]'s Auto Repair. A month later I was with a engine with a remanufactured head, and a 60k done right.

Later on down the road, I had custom exhaust done, with a Magnaflow muffler. I love the sound a lot more.

Now I have a very reliable engine that is Califonia smog legal.
Nothing heavily special on the interior. I have beaded seat covers that are surprisingly comfy and there is a flimsy vent attaching cup holder. Another new addition is today before I typed this, I just installed a 5 point mirror I had just bought. So no blind spots for me!

I also have both windows working fully now. That is a lot more better.

Things still needed to be done is getting a new dashboard... mine is cracked up to hell and back. The glove compartment is useless and needs to be completely replaced. I also have to get new leather covers as I have some bubbling up from sun damage. And I need to buy some missing panels for the trunk space.
First thing was to get rid of the fugly rims. I ended up going the cheap route and using a matte black plasti-dip. That was around April... and so far I have not had them want to peel off or anything.

Second down the road was to find a way to fix my fancy mustache my 3000GT had going. So after thinking for awhile I decided to pay tribute to the ending of Initial D's 5th Stage and the sad end to one of the most inspirational anime I've watched.

So more pasti-dip. Might end up changing to real paint down the road, but I have been having fun with my dip.

A little under a month ago, I was able to find someone who was able to made the famous AE86 "Fujiwara Tofu Shop (Private Vehicle)" decal on the right side. I ended up buying two incase I decide to advance to a VR4, but that might not happen for a long time.

I also replaced the fog lights to yellow fogs. They actually work really well.

Other exterior modifications have been me slowly replacing cracked lights, and in the future, maybe will be restoring my fading window trimming.
I have a Alpine stereo. Nothing too special. The speakers are stock and are slowly dying. So not playing music too loud.

Then of course there is the wires (and controls) from the previous owner's bass system that are still routed and installed.
Two weeks ago from typing this I got my Megan Racing coilovers. Last week I had finished dropping where I wanted and had my alignment done.

Pretty much has a fingers width between the front tire and fender, and the rear tire is 1 finger width underneath the rear fender. Looks more meaner, and I even got a warning sticker on the back lol.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels are a nameless 19 inch dub rim made by Diablo that is not produced anymore (They are the same company that makes 20+ rims for Hummers ect). Never really cared for them, and if they break, I'll buy better ones. For now, they look good with the plasti-dip. And thanks to that, if curb rash is an issue, it can be quickly fixed with a rattle can.

Tires on the other hand, are Indy 500s by Firehawk that were $800 for a full set. I have gotten a lot out of them, and even had to take an emergency route to risk not overheating (back when I had engine problems) in stop-n-go highway traffic northeast of LA. Not one puncture, as I was busy avoiding fistsized rocks.



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